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How it works

View pinpoints on the Glimpse map of an event to post or view exclusive videos/pictures and locate available services

Our goals

Giving you a new perspective on viewing events and inform you about services. We want to let you share your experience with others.


Working with federal, state/provincial, and local governments to provide safe, timely voter access to polling locations.

COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Working with governments to provide safe, timely access for citizens accessing vaccine locations.

Sports | Music events

Providing original digital content for fans during live events, including player/management/artist interviews, V.I.P access, lines, merchandise, and concession. Generating revenue for team/artists, venues, and vendors.

Shows | Fairs

Delivering content that draws attendees/show goers to booths. Allowing vendors, exhibitors, and manufacturers to generate business opportunities. Additional revenue stream for show/fair organizers.

Business | Restaurants | Bars

Drive sales by providing real time public updates on offers, deals and seating availability.

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