How many voting places can Glimpse Social cover?

All of them! Glimpse can scale to cover all 230,000* polling places across the country and allow real-time video and photo/text uploads from voters onsite.

How does this work?

Glimpse essentially crowdsources polling place info. We need news media to spread the word about Glimpse and have American voters download the Glimpse app in advance of election day to populate a user base that can answer questions and post video on election day.

To keep all postings fresh and as accurate as possible, video or text/image posts will only remain on the Glimpse app for one hour. They can also be shared by users over their own social media channels.

Can only see information from my own polling place?

No. Any user, anywhere in the world can place a pin at any polling place that they are interested in getting information on. This allows users to look up information for friends and relatives as well as see how election day is going across the country.

A positive only app

Glimpse was thoughtfully designed with no comment features on posts as we want to encourage a free exchange of information without post shaming etc.

How are you making money on this?

We aren’t. For the 2020 election, Glimpse Social is free to download and post with. In fact, we are donating any profits from in-app advertising to support COVID relief and a non-partisan justice initiative.

How it works.

Pinpoint a location on the Glimpse map to post or view videos/pictures of current wait lines and items in stock.

We want to avoid crowded areas and minimize the risks of exposure.

Our goals.

Reduce wait times and help you get access to your needs as quickly as possible. We want to provide a way for everyone to help each other out and grow as a community.

We need your help.

Glimpse can only grow with your help. The more people there are, the more effective and helpful this app will be. Spread the word and help us help you.

Let's get through this together.

We appreciate your help.